I noticed something odd when posting a link to a rumble.com video on a discussion forum. I use a browser called Vivaldi. It’s a “privacy” focused browser that uses chromium as it’s source. Chromium is the open source version of chrome which is owned of course by google. When I try to open rumble.com with Vivaldi I get a privacy error shown below.


Now that sounds like a real scary error and you can’t even click through it to view the site. It’s totally blocked. That’s not a Vivaldi issue, it’s blocked by google and their source code for chromium. When I try to go to rumble.com using Firefox the site opens just fine, no errors. The error listed in Vivaldi is a HSTS error, “You cannot visit rumble.com right now because the website uses HSTS”.

So I decided to check it out. I’m not some security expert or anything but a trusted entity for checking your websites encryption setup is SSL Labs. I checked out rumble’s security scan and it checks out ok. They could have a better setup on their security cyphers they use but the HSTS section checks out fine. There’s no HSTS error listed.



Now that’s not a definitive investigation but it clearly shows that there’s no HSTS issue as described in the error in chromium that results in a blocked page. Chromium, and in this case Vivaldi, blocks the page from loading and won’t allow you to visit the page at all. This is the “shadow ban” on conservatives that you hear about but no one ever seems to offer up any proof of. I wish conservatives would get smarter about how they approach these issues so they could actually get some skin in the game. If a peon like me can figure out something as simple as this why can’t they?