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So I need a better solution to keep track of my reloading. My current setup is a simple excel spreadsheet file with an individual sheet for each caliber. This works but it has some shortcomings mainly lack of room for proper notes. I got around that by hyper linking to individual text files for the notes section but the process is tedious and time consuming. Me being lazy by nature I need something with less repetition of work so I’ll stick with it.

In the interim I’ve set up a Simple Machines discussion forum and am using that until I can find something better. It allows easy access via my local network from any device that has a web browser and allows for easy note taking, pictures of targets and is searchable.

So if anyone has any better ideas, preferably free, post em up.


  1. DaMoose

    I like One Note. You can insert your Excel spread sheet right into the document, have extension searchable notes, plus you can include web pages, links, video or other info you need for keeping tracking of reloads, even be able to scan and place pics of your targets you shot with your reloads.

    • Jailer

      I had someone else recommend One Note. I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Jailer

    Been playing with One Note and so far I like it. Have to check it out a bit more but I may be switching to it.

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