Well this weekend was the culmination of 2 seperate smoking experiments, BBB (Buck Board Bacon) and Bearcarver’s Dried Beef. I’ve been wanting to try bacon for a while but I was too skeered to spend the money on a belly and screw it up.

I found some bone in pork butts on sale for $1.09/lb and picked up 20lbs worth. I wish I had seen Chef Robs splitting a bone in butt thread before I had started, it would have made separating the fat cap a lot easier. Either way I managed to work my not so sharp knife well enough to get a fat cap off and ready for cure.

Gave it a total of 10 days in TQ and brown sugar and stuck it in the fridge over nite to give it a pelicile.

After 8 hours of smoke it had enough smoke and color for me.

My boss was kind enough to loan me his slicer so I took advantage of it. He of course gets some free samples every time I use it so it works out good for him.

I fried up a couple pieces and it was awesome. Tastes fantastic…just like bacon.

The rest of the pork butt ended up as pulled pork and along with some mac n cheese and garden sweet corn made for a fantastic meal.

Next up was the dried beef. If you haven’t tried this you must, it’s to die for. It was a 2.5 lb eye of round that was trimmed of all excess fat and cured in tenderquick and brown sugar for 10 days. Took it out, rinsed and dried it and seasoned it with a little garlic powder and black pepper and stuck it in the fridge overnight. Smoked it the next day until it reached an internal temp of 160 and called it good. I don’t have any before pics of this just a sliced one. Talk about good.