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Smoked cheese

So I’ve been thinking more about smoking some cheese lately. I’ve tried a few times already but all the methods I’ve tried added to much heat to my smoker and would make the cheese “sweat” changing the texture and not for the better.

I found a blog post on a forum about making a simple smoke generator MacGuyver style. Perfect timing.

I had everything listed in the blog post so I put one together and I’ve got a couple pounds of extra sharp cheddar and colby jack swallowing up some cherry smoke right now. It works perfectly and adds just enough heat to evacuate the smoke out the exhaust and not enough to affect the texture of the cheese.

If all goes well with this batch, next up will be some smoked butter.

EDIT: Just took the cheese out after almost 3 hours. Nice light coloring and a good but not overwhelming smoke scent. There was a very slight drying of the outside but I’m sure it will be good once it sits for a couple weeks and mellows out if I can wait that long before trying it. 🙂

This was my first time using cherry wood for smoking but it won’t be the last.


  1. DaMoose

    I cant wait a couple of weeks, I’m heading over now. Have you thought of wrapping that cheese in bacon coated with real salted butter before you smoked it?

  2. Jailer

    Oh man was this stuff ever good. Can’t wait to make some more.

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