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Month: October 2015

Purchase a suppressor without a tax stamp?

That’s what U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Arizona would have with his introduction of the “Hearing Protection Act” that that has backing from the NRA.  The days of treating suppressors as NFA items should come to an end and this is a good first step but unfortunately it doesn’t go far enough. Suppressors are nothing more than mufflers, something we require on nearly everything that makes loud noises.

As said by SayUncle, “If we regulated cars like we did guns, everyone would have to drive with hearing protection on.”


Resurrecting a Seagate 7200.11 ST31000340AS Drive stuck in BSY state

So I’ve had this old Seagate 1TB hard drive sitting in a desk drawer for over a year now. I had it installed a Windows Server 2008 box that I was using as a file server and backup location for pictures and home videos until it unceremoniously stopped responding one day. Of course most of the files were not backed up anywhere so when the drive went Tango Uniform I figured they were all lost. After a bit of googling I discovered that this series of drives in fact had faulty firmware causing the drive to lock up in a BSY state and with some carefully executed shell commands they could be brought back to life.

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A Study Of Fear

Chapman University conducted a study of fears of average Americans.  Not surprisingly the fear of government corruptions tops the list.

The study has an interesting breakdown both on categories and topics based around 10 “domains” of fear.  What strikes me as most interesting is how many of the top ten fears overall are internet related. We’ve become such a connected society in such a relatively short time no one has a clue, outside of the NSA of course, of just who is watching in over us with or without our knowledge. With privacy rapidly evaporating at an alarming rate these fears are only going to increase and people are justifiably afraid of this.

I fear that it’s just a matter of time before every facet of your life that isn’t protected by law will be available through a simple on line search with or without your consent. Gone are the days of privacy and nothing short of cutting the cord and living off the land is going to change that. Yes I am afraid.

Watching privacy evaporate

With Verizon’s recent aquistion of AOL comes a new privacy policy  with an automatic opt in. It allows them to share your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) with the AOL add network.  Sigh.

For those that privacy does still matter you can opt out if you choose but good luck finding the link on your own on Verizon’s web site.

The acceptance of the erosion of our privacy in this great nation saddens me.

So Long Buddy

We are going to miss you. Buddy suffered a ruptured spleen on last Sunday and very quickly succumbed to it. We rushed him to the vet but there was nothing that could be done to save him.

It’s amazing how much a good animal can have such an impact on our lives. We only had him a very short amount of time but in that time he brought a completeness to our family. He was a special dog and we sure are going to miss him.


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