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Month: September 2015 (page 2 of 3)

Where’s Bentley week 11

News flash: Stolen Papa John’s Camaro recovered by common day superhero!!!


Where’s Bentley week 10

Another failed attempt at retirement employment.


Where’s Bentley week 9

More visitors this week!!!!

I think the last words heard were, “Mark, why are you touching me there?”


Where’s Bentley week 8

Traveling and sightseeing is fun but it’s time for a new job.

Why does she look so nervous?


Where’s Bentley week 7

The Detroit Zoo has a new attraction.


Where’s Bentley week 6

I knew he was a world traveler….but other worlds too??!!!


Where’s Bentley week 5

Scott has a visitor!! Seems like he’d be happy to see a friend, especially a fellow retiree.


Where’s Bentley week 4

Looks like he’s back out west doing some sightseeing.

I always though Mount Rushmore was bigger…….


Where’s Bentley week 3

Must be the west didn’t work out so well as Scott has moved on. Taming the wild beast seems to be the theme this week. Putin pales in comparison.


Where’s Bentley week 2

Looks like Florida wasn’t for him and a trip west was in order. Not sure how it went, all I heard is something broke and he ended up with a sore back somewhere in the mountains.


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