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Loading cast bullets for 9mm

I’ve been fighting with leading in my 9mm for a while now so I finally decided to pull a couple rounds and see what they measured after they were seated. I found my best luck was sizing them to .358 and it was working OK but I was still getting some leading. I pulled a couple and they measured .355. Ok, so there is my problem, now how do I fix it.

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Mike Green still fighting for gun rights

Senator Mike Green has introduced new gun legislation.

SB 442: Prohibit the open carry of weapons in certain areas such as schools, child care centers, sports arenas, taverns, churches, hospitals or dorms, but permit concealed carry of weapons in those areas. Sponsor: Sen. Mike Green, R-Mayville.

Snyder has already said he is in opposition to this bill but with his track record I’m not surprised. Hopefully we can get some traction with this and make inroads on eliminating the victim zones here in Michigan.

Where’s Bentley week 13

Having braved the barriers of manhood, tamed the wild beast, explored our world and beyond, reached new heights, protected national sovereignty,  become a local hero, and secured the Lake Okeechobee Barefoot Water Ski Championship, President Barack Obama appoints Scott Bentley the new Czar of Awesome.


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