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Bacon and Dried Beef

Well this weekend was the culmination of 2 seperate smoking experiments, BBB (Buck Board Bacon) and Bearcarver’s Dried Beef. I’ve been wanting to try bacon for a while but I was too skeered to spend the money on a belly and screw it up.

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Got bacon?

Canadian Bacon that is. 🙂

Canadian bacon

Smoked cheese

So I’ve been thinking more about smoking some cheese lately. I’ve tried a few times already but all the methods I’ve tried added to much heat to my smoker and would make the cheese “sweat” changing the texture and not for the better.

I found a blog post on a forum about making a simple smoke generator MacGuyver style. Perfect timing.

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Cast iron cookware

Purchased my first cast iron skillet today. It’s a lodge 10 inch. The finish of course isn’t near as nice as some vintage Wagner or Griswold but I think I can make it workable.

Part of making it workable is in the seasoning. I’m following (sort of, see below) the seasoning process outlined by Cheryl Canter on her blog. It seems to be going well but time will tell if it works or not.

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