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Where’s Bentley Week 18

Scott came in like a wrecking ball
He never hit so hard in love
All Robin wanted was to break his balls
All he ever did was wreck her

Where’s Bentley week 17

Another visitor this week and a blessing to one of the Popes “special” children.

Where’s Bentley week 16


Where’s Bentley week 15

Building on his recent success story, Scott lands a world wide tour deal “Straight Outta Corrections”

Where’s Bentley week 14

Nothing like a relaxing family vacation.


Where’s Bentley SPECIAL EDITION!!

With his new title as Czar of Awesome, Scott brings on a partner to help run his new empire.


Where’s Bentley week 13

Having braved the barriers of manhood, tamed the wild beast, explored our world and beyond, reached new heights, protected national sovereignty,  become a local hero, and secured the Lake Okeechobee Barefoot Water Ski Championship, President Barack Obama appoints Scott Bentley the new Czar of Awesome.


Where’s Bentley week 12

Enjoying his new found status as local hero, Scott takes to a little R&R. I never knew he was so nimble.


Where’s Bentley week 11

News flash: Stolen Papa John’s Camaro recovered by common day superhero!!!


Where’s Bentley week 10

Another failed attempt at retirement employment.


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