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Loading cast bullets for 9mm

I’ve been fighting with leading in my 9mm for a while now so I finally decided to pull a couple rounds and see what they measured after they were seated. I found my best luck was sizing them to .358 and it was working OK but I was still getting some leading. I pulled a couple and they measured .355. Ok, so there is my problem, now how do I fix it.

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So I need a better solution to keep track of my reloading. My current setup is a simple excel spreadsheet file with an individual sheet for each caliber. This works but it has some shortcomings mainly lack of room for proper notes. I got around that by hyper linking to individual text files for the notes section but the process is tedious and time consuming. Me being lazy by nature I need something with less repetition of work so I’ll stick with it.

In the interim I’ve set up a Simple Machines discussion forum and am using that until I can find something better. It allows easy access via my local network from any device that has a web browser and allows for easy note taking, pictures of targets and is searchable.

So if anyone has any better ideas, preferably free, post em up.

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