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Chowdown – A Self Hosted Recipe site

I’ve been looking for a self hosted recipe hosting site/script for while. WordPress has plenty of themes and plugins to set up something but it’s a bit heavy for what I want. I had played around with OpenEats a while back but could never seem to get it running. Seems it’s been somewhat abandoned for quite some time, and the original site is gone, but there does seem to be a docker image on github that one could try. I haven’t drank the docker cool-aid yet so setting something up more traditionally seems a better fit for me.

I found something called Chowdown and it seems pretty good. It’s very basic but for my needs basic is good. It runs on Jekyl and uses markdown both of which are completely new to me. So far I like but I’m going to play with it for a bit before I’m completely sold.

Ruger PC9

Looks like I’m in the market for a new gun. Ruger just announced a new pistol caliber carbine called the PC9. It’s take down 9mm carbine that looks like a slightly larger version of their 10/22. Plus it has an adapter so it will take Glock mags. What’s not to like?

Ruger PC9 


The dumbification of society

Mobile is making us stupid.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the subsequent response of web providers, the internet is being dumbed down at an alarming rate. Just take a look at your average “cutting edge” web site. Huge text, large white space, endless scrolling. And interaction has been reduced to cryptic truncated responses in a way that no one actually uses to communicate except on line.

Call me old but I miss the internet.

Evolve, adapt….PFFT!!!

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